Artist Portfolio 

Education: Self-Taught


Being a self-taught artist has encouraged me to constantly develop my knowledge about the arts and its industry. I have learnt a lot from watching online videos and reading, but my most valuable  learning experience came from my solo backpacking trips in search of art and culture. I learnt art history across Europe and gathered inspiration in beautiful Brazil. 

In Europe, some of the museums I’ve had the privilege to visit were:

•    Picasso Museum, Barcelona
•    Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
•    Reina Sofia, Madrid
•    Casa Buonarotti, Museum of Michelangelo, Rome
•    The Lourve, Paris
•    Pompidou Centre, Málaga
•    Museu de Arte (MASP), Sao Paulo
•    Instituto Tomie Ohtake, São Paulo


Exhibitions / Showcase


2017       Di Mana (You)ng, National Arts Gallery, Malaysia

               Be Bold for Change, Adam&Eve DDB, UK

               Global Movement of Arts, World Humanities Conference (UNESCO, CIPSH), Belgium
               Rags to Riches (A Story of KL), Ruang, Malaysia
               Freedom Film Fest, PJ Live Arts, Malaysia

               Harapan Sentiasa Ada, Masjid Jamek LRT Tunnel (ThinkCity), Malaysia

2016       Jelajah Kampus, Rakan Muda, Malaysia

               Deepakalayam, Publika Mall, Malaysia

               Conteng Lah, Masjid Jamek LRT Tunnel (ThinkCity), Malaysia

               Featured Artist, Art Battle Brasil, Brazil


Suatukala, Langkawi (Sept - Nov, 2017)

Suatukala is a community development initiative that originated in Langkawi. As the resident artist from Sept-Nov 2017, I taught art to 80 children while working on personal art projects inspired by the community. I designed a programme that will use art as a storytelling tool, to help students from government schools to better express themselves. It helps the students to develop an understanding about the past and present, while thinking creatively for their future.

Upcoming: Rimbun Dahan (March, 2018)

Organising Community Art Events

Besides being an artist myself, I’m passionate about running art related events in Malaysia. After being featured as an artist in Sao Paolo, Brazil, I brought the international ART BATTLE event down to Kuala Lumpur, the first of its kind in Asia.

The event, held in a public space, allows people outside of the art community to feel welcome and even to participate, as they get a chance assess artists and their works, and even vote for the piece that they feel merits the prize. As a result, conversations about art happen spontaneously and unconsciously – why do they like a particular style/subject matter/execution method?


The idea was shortlisted for Pitchpad ASEAN during George Town Art Festival in 2016. Currently I’m planning for the fourth show in July, 2018.

Past Events:

  • 2017, Art Battle Malaysia 2, 3

  • 2016, Art Battle Malaysia 1

  • 2015, Doodle Mania (3 days) Mall of Medini

  • 2015, 20x6 feet long artwork - Art in The Park

  • 2014, Urbanscapes

  • 2014, Deepakalayam, Publika


Being the admin for Doodle Malaysia – Do You Doodle Facebook Group with 12,000 members online, was the stepping stone for me to get involved with the art community and learn to organize art events that encouraged audience interaction. The online community grew from zero to 11,000 members in the last 5 years and I’ve had the opportunity to run many community events led by social media to encourage public participation.

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