I need you, 
 So I can be me.

The sword meets its strength when it is swung. The movement of air, allows it to be a weapon. A sword hung for decoration, merely sits there.


Only with movement, does it get a chance to dutifully perform its karma. The sword doesn’t calculate its bearer’s intentions, right or wrong. It cuts through regardless.

It is easier to figure out one’s purpose when it is singular. It’s obvious. What about us, complex human beings?

The human body (form)

becomes formless in dance.


A dancer that invites the cosmic to transcend its vastness into a momentary movement by this human body, captivates us as audience because we want to feel that:


Of being in control,

yet losing all control.


Is this the relationship between the masculine and the feminine: passive and active:

space and time: mind and nature?

Cosmic Dancer


A commonly seen union of Shiva and Shakti is represented by Ardhanarishvara,

a combined figure of half-man, half-woman.


This androgynous union does not represent sexual preference, nor gender equality apparently.


It symbolically talks about the polarity of energies we hold within ourselves. Like the positive and negative ends of a battery; they are present in each individual.  


Labels are created by society as a systemic form of control. This mystical wholeness rejects such narrow definitions. For the mind is him, and nature is her: they are indistinguishable.


All is within the space you create for yourself.  


Meet The Collaborators

“Don’t be afraid of the dark, my child.

Light has a source. It can be snuffed out.

But darkness has no source. It just exists.

This darkness is a path to That,
which has no source: God.” 

― Amish Tripathi.

Catherhea Teoh

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She is a photographer,
focusing her lens on the underrepresented faces in Malaysia. She is especially keen on defying beauty standards. 

Theyvapaalan S. Jayaratnam

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It is a queer being yearning to be a plant . It prances around devised theatre , photography , videography , and splotches of colour to create . It is obsessed with shades of sunset and white .

veshalini naidu_gender response_theatre.

Veshalini Naidu

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She is a multidisciplinary artist who merges poetry,
visual arts & theatre
in her response to gender,
sexuality and race in Malaysia.

Prishiga Senthilan

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A makeup artist who believes cosmetics is more than just a tool to enhance beauty. She believes it can  convey strong
unconventional ideas.


Inspired by the Shiva Trilogy books by Amish Tripathi, I was called to create a collection of work for Lord Shiva.

Forget earthly clay. If I could sculpt God & Goddess statues using any material
I wanted as an artist, I would choose the universe and all its content.

But I’m merely human. I don’t have the capacity of divine Gods.


But I can morph the resources I have, to transcend limitations.What if I could make idols out of the cosmos?

Thanks to a team that trusted my direction, making it come through and true. Loved everyone's spiritual commitment to honoring the energy and their fresh perspective! 

- Ruby Subramaniam

The Cosmic Dance

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