Since 2016, I have been introducing new digital engagement ideas using the arts. Leading online campaigns for small and medium-sized clients, I handle projects from ideation to execution.


Rather than sell a product, I design experiences for target audiences. That has given me the privilege to work with local Malaysian artists, designers, photographers, and event teams to develop such authentic moments to connect brands to its target audience. 


While creating work for my clients, I strive to ensure grass-root accessibility for different communities. As a result, my work has been prominently featured in the local media acknowledging my contribution:

BFM 88.9
Visual Arts Review

Sharmilla Ganesan speaks with The Star’s culture editor Daryl Goh,
and Ruby Subramaniam, about the hits and misses,
of the Malaysian arts in 2018


10 Up-and-Coming artists from Malaysia you need to know who are sharing their unique voices and stories through art  + social media. 


Though heart-warming festive videos are a norm, Ruby designs a stop-motion clay animation, giving a twist  to depict Deepavali.


Southeast Asia

Art Battle Malaysia, hosted by Ruby Subramaniam is bringing more colour to the lives of 10 refugee kids in collaboration with UNHCR. 

Conducting research on search and SEO trends, hashtags, I gather insights and analysis for my clients. I plan the advertising, oversee the creative process, and give guidance to creative juniors.


Besides that, I have been finding the best-selling angle for press releases as well as managing PR and media liaison.

I’m always striving to clearly understanding client’s priorities and work closely with them to build fresh angles with limited use of budget.


That way, I can exercise strategic decision during tight deadlines. Negotiating, and pulling out resources from networking skills also adds to my advantage.


Naturally, this also involves finding and pitching ideas to new and existing client database.


Art Battle features 12 artists, painting against a 20 minute time limit,
within 3 rounds, with an audience determining who becomes the winner.


First organised in New York in 2001, Art Battle is a live art show hosted over in over 50 cities worldwide. Ruby added Kuala Lumpur to the list,
when she organised the country’s first Art Battle in 2016.




Even when no one else was convinced, Ruby took initiative and was invested making Art Battle possible in Malaysia, and putting her persuasive skills to good use where she needed expert support.

Ruby's energy is evident both behind the scenes during the organisation of Art Battle and has been the driving force behind all four events.

She was responsible for putting together the right combination of participating artists at each event, so that each person’s work is well complemented and showcased, yet having enough diversity to draw in a large crowd in a public place.


Allie Hill,
Graphic Designer and Illustrator with 25 years’ experience across London, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok.

community building

I first met Ruby at an Art Battle Malaysia event at Publika in 2017.

I was intrigued by the event as I have always believed that arts in community-building offer so many possibilities, and I wanted to meet the person behind it.

It was hard to pick out “the organiser”. I had to ask around.

Every single person—participants, supporters and volunteers, all appeared to own what they were doing. It told me how inclusive and participatory she was in her organising.

Our meeting, though very brief, had me leaving Publika thinking, “We’re lucky to have Ruby”.


Angela M. Kuga Thas,
Executive Director
Empower Malaysia

fresh prespective

Ruby seems to instinctively know how to create art that is of our time – while her projects  are very accessible, it do not sacrifice depth.


In fact, she manages to weave into her work a strong engagement with current issues. By drawing on contemporary cultural identity and very Malaysian lens, her work provides a fresh alternative.

In my conversations and interviews with her, I found Ruby to be intelligent, passionate, and driven. She is also empathetic, kind, and keen to use her talents to make a difference.

I am particularly impressed by her eagerness to collaborate with others, from creatives to activists – an example of her willingness to broaden her horizons and learn from others.

Sharmilla Ganesan,
Malaysian journalist and culture critic with 10 years’ experience.


I have led successful, award-winning campaigns for my clients, delivering consumer insights for their product in the online space. 

Freelance Clients (2015)

  • KFit (Market: New Zealand) Improved sign-up rate by two-folds and reduced 67% of their cost-per-acquisition.

  • Mobme Malaysia (Markets: Malaysia, Singapore, India, Indonesia) Handled ad operations and execution for multiple campaigns from Celcom, Malaysian Airlines, Maxis, P&G, Nissan, Alliance and Axiata.

  • The Luxe Nomad Singapore (Markets: Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, UK) Improved SEM conversions by 49% and increased assisted conversion x8 over the period of three months.

  • Other clients include: Ringgit Plus, Save Money and Groupon Malaysia.

Digital Strategy in ASTRO, Content Group (2014)

My role required me to lead digital strategy to assist all of Astro's marketing efforts including Astro’s own content, online properties and media assets, digital marketing of Astro TV content and other media assets.

  • Assist in developing creative and innovative content marketing plans.

  • Liaise with Content (or Product) team, creative and media agencies to execute digital marketing plans while ensuring development, production and timely launch of campaigns.

  • Social Media Content and Operations Management.

  • Assist in social media content management and engagement for selected products and campaigns (Astro On-the-Go).

  • Prepare social media reporting, insights and analysis.

Digital Manager in Vizeum Media Services (2009 - 2013)

I began my career as a trainee in Aug 2009 and since then, I’ve grown to be one of the youngest, fastest emerging individual in Vizeum. My responsibilities include:


  • Conceptualizing digital media ideas that focus on client’s KPIs and ensuring the ideas come to life by working together with the creative agency and media owners.

  • Managing client’s expectation by actively listening to their objectives and understanding their overall marketing plans and providing holistic solutions.

  • Managed all documentations related to campaigns, including publisher’s insertion orders, creative spec sheets (MCR), media plan details, timelines and budget worksheets.

  • Interpret post campaign reports with campaign insights across listening tools, research and analytics data.

  • Strategizing & executing search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns and work closely with the media owners to manage and optimize campaigns.

  • Hands on experience on Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and Youtube Dashboard.

Clients: CIMB Bank, Nippon Paint, Mamee Double Decker, Perodua, Red FM, Capital FM (Star RFM Group), F&N Dairies, Uniqlo, Novartis, Panasonic, Focus Point, Wyeth, PruBSN, Central Bank of Malaysia and Sports Toto.

May ‘12: Aegis Global Awards (Gold)
Client: Prudential BSN;
Campaign: Funainciers


June ‘11: Malaysia Media Awards:
Best Use of Digital Search (Silver)

Client: CIMB Bank;

Campaign: Clicks Octo

June ‘13: Malaysia Media Awards:
Best Use of Digital Search (Silver)

Client: Nippon Paint;

Campaign: NP Momento

May ‘10: Malaysia Media Awards:

Best Use of Digital Search (Bronze)
Client: CIMB Bank;

Campaign: Prime Plan

May ‘12: Malaysia Media Awards:
Best Use of Sponsorship (Bronze)

Client: CIMB Bank;

Campaign: CIMB iProperty Sponsorship

May ‘12: Malaysia Media Awards:
Best Intergrated Media Campaign (Bronze)

Client: Nippon Paint;

Campaign: I Like My Home

June ‘13: Malaysia Media Awards:
Best Use of Branded Content (Bronze)

Client: Mamee Double-Decker;

Campaign: I Love You, Mamee

April ‘13: Aegis Global Awards (Top 10)
Client: Mamee Double-Decker;

Campaign: I love you, Mamee

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