What is the significance
of human body as a canvas?

Painting on the body is NOT a new concept.

But what is the difference the work that I do?

Who are other currently relevant artists creating culturally significant work with body paint around the world? 

Read about it here. 

Amish tripathi + the immortals of meluha

Inspired by the
Shiva Trilogy books
by Amish Tripathi.

30 intimate stories
by 30 diverse women, translated into art
over 30 days.


A tribute to Ganesha,

in conjunction with Malaysia Day. 

In solidarity with 
Lena Hendry,
who was found guilty for screening the documentary
“No Fire Zone:
The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka” 


No fire zone_ documentary_activist art .

A protest on street-harassment against young women in sarees during Thaipusam. This is the project that initiated the entire body painting series for me. 

Ruby Subramaniam Body Painting Hindu God

As Featured In