This Body Is Mine

This photography series, titled "This Body Is Mine" attempts to fight body policing in Malaysia's culture and traditions by giving a contemporary art spin to ancient archetypes concepts in Hinduism. It was great honour to colaborate with traditional dancers in Malaysia I believe the goddess archetypes can be useful to women today, in understanding their modern-day reality and concerns. Giving a contemporary artistic spin to the elements present in each of the Hindu goddesses, I hope to have more people understand the role of women in Indian culture. Discovering these significance can offer women new paths to self-discovery as these are values that transcend time and cultures.

“Who knows what women can be when they are finally free to become themselves?”- Betty Friedan

The project was featured on Metro UK, Mashable, Buzzfeed, International Business Times India and made headlines on Malaysia Kini, top Metro story in The Star and was even translated in Chinese, in a Sin Chew article. The project first appeared on Eksentrika. In August 2017, it was featured as one of the top 50 projects selected for the Global Movement of the Arts, to be presented in World Humanities Conference that was held in Liege, Belgium. It was also exhibited in Adam&Eve UK for Women's Day, National VIsual Arts Gallery Malaysia and is one of the projects featured in the ARTS and SOCIETY (IYGU) platform by Mémoire de l’Avenir, Paris.

Project Collaborators

It was an honour to be able to collaborate with talented individuals from different backgrounds, a wonderful dynamic that was the backbone of the amazing results. The photographers: Kenny Loh - Born in Malaysia Vicknes Waran - VIP Studio Vinoth Raj Pillai - VRP Shots Models: Nalina Nair, Harshini Devi Retna, Sharifah Nabila, Indrani Kopal Fashion Designer: Roova Li Juan Videographer: Julien Chen

The Response

"Absolutely stunning. I can't take my eyes off, she's an amazing embodiment of Kali - striking, powerful, and raw." - Kelly Hills‏, United States

"Truly symbolic, seeing that times are changing, and no one can stop change, no matter how much they harass or enforce their 'moral and cultural' codes." - Pravind Segaran, Malaysia

"The work is incredible! The issues are dear not just to my heart, but our society." Raynne Rasha, Australia

"To express an opinion using art is a great way to combat these social stigma concerning woman in today's modern society." Diviya Mohan, Malaysia

"A powerful message, to the ones who worship female goddesses and at the same time deem it ‘appropriate’ to threaten women with consequences." Mohammad Kanchwala, India

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