Harapan Sentiasa Ada

The 100 metre long exhibit at the Masjid Jamek LRT station showcases the artwork by domestic violence survivors who have found refuge at Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO). Using discarded materials such as plastic bags and fabric remnants, the mural features a colourful collection of flowers that appears throughout the wall.

Read Yahoo Sg: With Masjid Jamek LRT mural, domestic violence survivors show there’s always hope.

The lovely Allie Hill initiated the project and I had the privilege to help her run the workshop for these women and their children. The flowers represent the seeds of hope that had remained with the survivors through their darkest days, which have now blossomed as they begin new lives.

A report by WAO measures the impact as below:

  • More than more than half noticed the WAO Hotline and/or thought about domestic violence when viewing the exhibit.

  • The art exhibit encouraged more domestic violence survivors to contact WAO in the month the exhibit was launched, WAO received 35% more calls / WhatsApps compared to the previous month.

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